Best Lobby Tiles Design for Lobby Floor and Lobby Wall in BD

Best Lobby Tiles Design for Lobby Floor and Lobby Wall in BD

DBL Ceramics

/ 12 December 2022

When it comes to your hotel lobby tiles design, it becomes really important because it determines your guest's impression of you. Also, your hotel lobby expresses your quality and elegance of service. So, it is necessary to choose the tiles very carefully.

So are you looking for some best floor and wall tiles for the lobby? Then you are in the right place. In this following section, you will get an idea about what kind of tiles and design you should use for your hotel lobby.

DBL Lobby Tiles Design in Bangladesh

floor tiles for lobby (NP60120-003GN)


lobby floor tiles design (GP6060-001YE)


hotel lobby floor tiles (NP60120-002BR)


hotel lobby tiles(NP60120-002GR)


lobby floor tiles (NP60120-005YE)


lobby tiles design (NP6060-001GN)


best tiles for lobby(GP6060-017GS)


modern lobby tiles design(TN4040-004RE)


tiles for hotel lobby (TN4040-005RE)


home lobby tiles (TN4040-007GR)


latest floor tiles for lobby (TP4040-002BK)


hotel lobby front desk tiles (TL3060-010BR)


lobby floor tiles design traditional (GP3060-018GR)


lobby marble tiles (DL6060-007BL)



tiles design for lobby (DL6060-011MR)



lobby wall tiles design (WR2030-060BE)


wall tiles for lobby (WR2030-033GN)


latest wall tiles for lobby (DR3060-028GR)


Which Tile is Best for the Lobby Area?

There are different types of tiles available. But, not all tiles are ideal for lobby design. Let's see what tiles will be best for your hotel lobby area.

Glazed Porcelain

You can see a porcelain tile pretty often. But when it comes to the glazed version, you will find it only in some sophisticated places that want to attract customers.

The tiles go through a coating process that ensures a pretty glossy finish on that tile. This process includes a lead glass layer and sometimes an opaque surface with some colored oxide. You can find a clean, glossy, and even matte finish in this type of tile.

Further, this type of tile has many color, shape, and size variations. You can easily add them on your lobby floor, walls, or other flare surfaces like the reception table. When you install these, you won’t have to be concerned about cracking as they are durable. You just need to ensure the temperature of that area isn’t too high or too low.

Nano Crystal Polish

This kind of tile has a reflective effect on them because of the Nanocrystal polish on them. This polish makes it hard and glossy. The glossy finish creates a mirror-like effect. As they are highly durable and scratch-proof, it is ideal for high foot traffic areas like a lobby.

Compared to regular tiles, these absorb less moisture. Again, the nanoparticles of this area work as a great filling component as these cover even the tiniest gap on the tile. As a result, an amazing shine creates on the tile.

Besides, no dirt or dust can stick on these because there is no minimal gap to hold them. It makes them easier to clean and tidy. The durability and slip-proof feature of these tiles make them perfect for heavy traffic areas, like your hotel lobby.

Technical Porcelain

Though technical porcelain has a number of additional features, it is still the same porcelain tile. While making it, some extra raw materials are infused at a very high temperature. But the color, coating, and quality do not change. So you can use them in your lobby design.

The humidity it can absorb is more than other tiles. Therefore, installing it in dry locations or places where there is typically no water around will be better. Every tile is precisely trimmed and finished, which improves the appearance of the grout a lot.

Further, the best spots for using this technical porcelain are busy or high-traffic areas. These can be added to the walls and floors of your hotel lobby, giving you an amazing and sophisticated vibe.

Ceramic Wall Tiles

Ceramic tiles are ideal for both the walls and floors. They are scratch-proof and slip-proof. So you can create a different vibe using them in your lobby.

These tiles are manufactured using modern techniques but have a vintage touch. The same old elements undergo some modification, mixing new ingredients and techniques to create this great tile.

On top of that, ceramic tiles are the best option if your budget is tight. You can have a stunning appearance, but you won’t have to waste a lot of money.

Besides, these appear cleaner if you compare other tiles with these. They are surprisingly durable, too. As a result, you won't need to worry too much about maintenance for them.

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Things to Consider When Selecting Office Lobby Flooring

The flooring in your office space is a key component in completing the overall physical environment of your business. In order for your staff and employees to work comfortably, efficiently, and effectively, you need to combine form and function more than just by choosing a beautiful-looking sort of flooring. Here are some key factors you should consider for amazing lobby design for your office to bring out an extraordinary one.

Nature of Business

Consider installing premium Glazed Porcelain floor tiles in places of business that frequently welcome prospective customers. This enables both visitors and potential employees to have a positive first impression of your business space. On the other hand, companies that have offices that also serve as product warehouses should stay away from carpet flooring because it's not a practical solution for areas with a lot of foot traffic and will make upkeep much more difficult and expensive.

Foot Traffic

There will be different foot traffic in each room in an office. For instance, it is well known that there is a lot of traffic in the reception area. Therefore, heavy-duty floor tiles like Nano Crystal Polish will be the best options in lobbies and reception areas. Commercial flooring with slip-resistant surfaces is especially ideal in high-traffic areas where people enter and exit to drastically lower accidents on rainy, slick days.

Cost of Flooring

You must look at the total cost of each option over its entire life cycle when comparing costs, not just the price. You can be choosing a far less expensive flooring option that might sacrifice quality. Invest in commercial flooring that you are confident will hold up over time.

Better, visit your nearest DBL ceramics showroom, take support from professionals who can assist you in deciding which option best suits your office space, objectives, and overall budget.

Durability & Design

You should keep in mind that your investment goes beyond aesthetics as you choose among the many business flooring options available. Although aesthetics are equally vital, you must choose floor tiles that complement the purpose of each space. Generally speaking, your conference rooms, pantries, and open spaces should have distinct floor tiles than your foyer and reception sections.

Easy to Repair

Think about how long your flooring will survive before it needs to be repaired. Knowing the necessary repairs and the limitations of your budget are essential. How much will it cost to repair and replace the floor if it becomes worn? Also, how long will it take to complete the repairs? It's always important to plan ahead and select durable flooring solutions for high traffic areas. DBL ceramics offers the best floor tiles for your office lobby which is enough durable to afford high traffic.

To Wrap Up

Your love for your hotel will be presented by how you decorate it, especially the lobby. Your guests will fix their first impression from the lobby area. The prettier the lobby, the better the impression. So, you need to make sure you are considering the best design and getting the best tile to make it last forever.


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