News and Events

Sat Sep 17 2022


DBL Ceramics recently held a two-day long flamboyant business conference under the slogan “Sreshthotter Driro Bondhon” at The Palace Luxury Resort, Habiganj. All the respected dealers of DBL Ceramics from all over the country participated in the event. The dealers and official personnel of DBL Ceramics participated in various activities in the two day-long vibrant business conference.

DBL Group’s Chairman Abdul Wahed, Managing Director M. A. Jabbar, Vice Chairman M. A. Rahim, Deputy Managing Director & Group CEO M. A. Quader Anu, General Manager of DBL Ceramics Mohammad Bayazed Bashar, Finance Controller DBL Ceramics Kazi Siddiqul Azam and Head of Sales of DBL Ceramics M. Abu Hasib Ron along with top personnel of DBL Ceramics were present at the event.

Board of Directors of DBL Group and Senior Management of DBL Ceramics delivered speeches at the business conference.

On the occasion, Abdul Wahed, Chairman of DBL Group said, “This year's event embodies the motto ‘Sreshthotter Driro Bondhon’. Sincere thanks to all of you who have gathered in this business conference from different parts of the country and have given your valuable business time.

We are building DBL Industrial Park in Srihatta Economic Zone at Moulvibazar, Sylhet. It is an integrated and technologically advanced industrial park, through which we aim to improve the quality of work for the employees, as well as create a functional relationship between our people and machineries.”

Deputy Managing Director & Group CEO of DBL Group, M. A. Quader Anu addressed, “I believe with all my heart that we are now bound by a unique bond of excellence and will continue to do so. Your immense trust and love towards DBL Ceramics is a proof of that. You are our main driving force. The way you are taking us forward with your hard work and talent is truly commendable."

Since 2017, DBL Ceramics has been manufacturing and marketing ceramic tiles with stylish, modern designs and premium quality. Besides, they are contributing to the country’s economy to make the country economically developed and prosperous. DBL Ceramics is implementing their plans with the goal of providing the best quality tiles to the world in future.