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Thu Oct 26 2023

DBL Ceramics Now ISO 50001:2018 Certified

DBL Ceramics Now ISO 50001:2018 Certified

Energizing Excellence: Empowering Tomorrow

We embark on our journey with exhilarating news that resonates through our corridors, heralding DBL Ceramics not only as the best tiles company in Bangladesh but also as a trailblazer in energy management and environmental stewardship. Our recent accomplishment of the ISO 50001:2018 Certification stands as a testament to our steadfast dedication to excellence in energy utilization, setting new standards in the industry.

Innovation Illuminated

From bathroom tiles that embody elegance to kitchen tiles radiating vitality, each product in our collection epitomizes innovation and responsibility. Our energy-efficient production methods not only ensure top-notch quality but also protect the environment by minimizing carbon footprint, solidifying our reputation as Bangladesh's leading energy-conscious company.

Our Pledge to Sustainability

Achieving the ISO 50001:2018 was not the zenith of our efforts but a stepping stone in our enduring voyage towards sustainability. We relentlessly seek novel strategies and technologies to further curtail energy consumption, guaranteeing that every tile you purchase propels us closer to a sustainable world.

DBL Ceramics Now ISO 50001:2018 Certified

DBL Ceramics Now ISO 50001:2018 Certified

Eco-Efficient, Customer-Centric

Our commitment to customers seamlessly aligns with our mission for sustainability, creating a symbiotic relationship. We are dedicated not only to delivering premium-quality tiles but also to ensuring our processes are eco-friendly. Every stride towards energy efficiency enhances our products, ensures customer satisfaction, and nurtures a greener planet.

Envisioning an Energetic Future

The route to energy sustainability is ever-changing. With the ISO 50001:2018 Certification as our beacon, we are more motivated than ever to champion energy-efficient practices. Our vision extends beyond mere accolades and products; it's about setting a precedent, inspiring transformative change across the industry.

Join us in celebrating this remarkable achievement, for it is not just our victory but a triumph for every home and space adorned with DBL's exquisite tiles. Here's to a future illuminated by the promise of energy, progress, and a vibrant tomorrow!