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Most question are best answered by our outstanding staff at sales service centers, design studios, and showrooms!

DBL Ceramics Basics

We do not have any type of utensils or sanitary wares.

If maintained properly, the design/glaze/shine of our tiles will remain lifelong.

DBL Ceramics produces premium quality tiles. The quality and diversity of our products is better than the tiles of any other company which puts DBL Ceramics ahead of any other company.

DBL Ceramics is one of the leading ceramics tiles company in the country which manufactures and sells a wide variety of floor and wall tiles..


Floor Tiles:
               - 60 x 120 CM
               - 60 x 60 CM
               - 40 x 40 CM
               - 30 x 30 CM
               - 30 x 60 CM
               - 80 x 80 CM
               - 20 x 120 CM

Wall Tiles:
               - 30 x 60 CM
               - 30 x 50 CM
               - 25 x 40 CM
               - 20 x 30 CM

Stair Tiles:
               - 30 x 60 CM
               - 30 x 30 CM
               - 26 x 30 CM

Thickness of our tiles varies from one tile type to another. We have various types of tiles in which the thickness varies from minimum 7.5 mm up to 15 mm.

The standard gap between tiles or grout joints is between 3 to 5 mm.

Different types and sizes of tiles are suitable for different kinds of rooms. To understand which tiles are perfect for which room please have a look at our “Tiles Instruction Book” where you will get all the details that you need to know before choosing tiles for your room.


Yes, we do.

You can get our tiles from any of our dealer or retailer points. But to have a better experience, do visit our display centers which are located at Hatirpool and Baridhara in Dhaka.

Currently, we have 135 dealer points in all over Bangladesh.

You can find out the nearest DBL Ceramics dealer point in the Google Map or you can also visit our Dealer Profile page to find your nearest DBL Ceramics dealer.

Our Display Center locations are given below,
       • Nasir Trade Centre (2nd Floor), 89, Bir Uttam C.R. Datta Road(Sonargaon Road), Hatirpool, Dhaka 1205
       • Plot 40 (Ground Floor), Road 9, Progati Sarani Rd, Baridhara, Dhaka 1212
       • House 39, Road 01, Gomostopara, Kotowali, Rangpur

Technical Information

Sugar effect, premium glazed porcelain, glazed porcelain, technical porcelain

Impact resistance is determined by measuring the coefficient of restitution.
For Floor tiles ≥0.55, For Technical Porcelain ≥0.57 , For Wall Tiles ≥0.48

Thermal expansion is a measure of how an object expands when exposed to heat.
For Floor Max 6.5x10-6, For Technical Porcelain Floor Max 6.0x10-6, For Wall tiles Max 7.0x10-6

There are different ingredients for tiles such as feldspar, ball clay, frit, ink etc.

Different types and sizes of tiles have different MORs that is minimum.


DBL Ceramics tiles are installed just like any other tiles installation.

Yes, we provide fitters for tiles installation.

Yes, of course. You can use our tiles on terrace, balcony or any other outdoor areas.

Of course, you can install cabinets on DBL Ceramics tiles carefully.

Tiles should always be cut by using a tiles cutter to have the finest finishing & lowest wastage.


Of course, we have efficient after sales service. To avail the after sales service please call 16704.

Please call 16704 for further assistance.

Please visit our career page to stay updated about our vacancies.

We have taken several steps for awareness in these difficult times. Some of them are mentioned below-
       • Distributed masks and sanitizer among our employees and workers
       • Provided relief to the underprivileged people
       • Provided work-from-home facilities to our employees
       • Communicated awareness in social media platforms

We are not selling our products online right now but we are working on it to start online selling.

Tiles should always be cut by using a tiles cutter to have the finest finishing & lowest wastage.

For ordering samples, please contact with our concerned sales manager/ executive. Call 16704 to know details.