Most Elegant Wall Tiles Design in Bangladesh for Your Home

Most Elegant Wall Tiles Design in Bangladesh for Your Home

DBL Ceramics

/ 17 May 2022

Are you looking for the most attractive wall tiles design in Bangladesh at the best price? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we have accumulated the top 10 attractive wall tiles in Bangladesh. But before moving to there, let's have a look on all the wall tiles design offered by DBL Ceramics.

Wall Tiles Design in Bangladesh at The Best Price

DBL Ceramics offers the best wall tiles price in Bangladesh with a huge collection of design that helps you to establish your dream home. Let's explore most attractive wall tiles design of DBL Ceramics in Bangladesh.

wall tiles design (DR2030-009BL Wall)

DR2030-009BL Wall

wall tiles (WM3050-003BR Wall)

WM3050-003BR Wall

outdoor wall tiles design in bangladesh (TP4040-001BK)


wall decor tiles (TP4040-003BK FloorWall)

TP4040-003BK FloorWall

decor wall tiles (MRT3060-001BR)


wall tiles price in bangladesh (MRT3060-002GR)


wall tiles price in bd (MRT3060-003OR)


bedroom wall tiles (WM3050-002BL)


wall tiles for living room (MD3060-005)


bedroom wall tiles design (DR3050-007)


wall tiles design in bangladesh( DR3050-015)


tiles design in bangladesh (TP4040-001BK)


living room wall tiles design(DR3050-019)

DR3050-019 Wall

wall tiles bangladesh (DR2540-017 Wall)

DR2540-017 Wall

living room wall tiles (DR2540-023 Wall)

DR2540-023 Wall

tiles design wall (RT2540-001)


room wall tiles design (RT2540-004 Wall)

RT2540-004 Wall

wall tiles design for living room (DR2540-003)


wall tiles bd (DR2030-002GR)


dbl wall tiles (WR2030-024GN)


bangladeshi tiles (W2540-005BR)


tiles on wall design (W2540-010BR Wall)

W2540-010BR Wall

bathroom wall tiles in bangladesh (WM3050-003BR Wall)


dining room wall tiles (W2540-011BR)


tiles design bangladesh (DR2540-018)


deco tiles wall (DR2540-013)

WM3050-003BR Wall

tails pictures bangladesh (WM2540-006BR)


bangladeshi tiles design (WM3060-003BR)


wall tiles in bangladesh (TS4040-001BR)


tiles wall design(GP3060-021BK)


bathroom tiles design bd (RT3060-010B)


decorative tiles for wall (RT3060-009B)


bangladeshi bathroom tiles design(RT3060-002B)


dining wall tiles design (WR2030-069BR)


wall decor with tiles (WR2030-061BR)


drawing room wall tiles design(IN3060-004)


decorative tiles wall (IN3060-007)


exterior wall tiles bangladesh (IN3060-014GR)




Apart from this we have a huge collection of tiles. Click to see all the tiles design collection of DBL Ceramics.

Which Are the Best Wall Tiles for Attractive Wall Decor?

With the help of skilled human resources and advanced technology, the ceramic industry in Bangladesh has been thriving for the last few decades. The manufacturers fulfill around 85% of the local demand in our own country. 

So, if you are renovating your home or building it from scratch, you can rely on the high-quality tiles of local companies. The variety of detailed tiles designs, beautiful modern textured or 3d printed, and cost-effective tiles for wall décor made in our country will enhance the beauty of any household.

Keeping in mind the weather of Bangladesh and the demand for decorating styles in our country, ceramic, stone, mosaic, floral, ornamental, glass, or granite tiles are the preferable ones as Tiles for walls décor.

Since porcelain is more rigid than most other tiles, it is better to use them as floor tiles in Bangladesh for attractive floor design. Apart from the tiles mentioned before, any tiles with 'Wall Tiles' will be perfect for your walls.

Moreover, there are several categories of tiles for different parts of your house, for example, bathroom, living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Since the kitchen and bathroom have to deal with water and stains, the wise choice for these parts of your house is ceramic tiles.

Yet, interior designing experts recommend exploring the numerous effects and designs as long as it is non-porous and resistant to moisture.

List of Top 10 Stunning Wall Tiles Design in BD:

After deciding which wall tile category you are going for, you should think of the style and design. Typically, homeowners look for tiles that are both durable enough and show elegance.

And for your interior or exterior walls, you will find the following effects or tile verities available in the tiles markets of Bangladesh

  • Marble
  • Wood
  • Mono Color
  • Cement
  • Textile
  • Stone
  • Geometric
  • Brick
  • Mosaic
  • Mosaic/ Floral
  • Ornament
  • Lines
  • Rustic / Diamond
  • Floral
  • Floral/Geometry

Selecting your wall tiles in Bangladesh is equally essential as choosing paint colors for your walls will represent your personality and style. So, take your time and explore the top 10 tiles suggestions for wall design as follows:

Attractive Tiles for Wall Décor in Bangladesh
wall tiles price in bangladesh
wall tiles design in bangladesh

1. Floral Design with Geometric Patterns – Best Suited for Living Room:

If you opt for a floral design but dislike the repeating pattern in every tile all over the wall, you should look at the floral-geometric pattern design.

This design will have a floral chain pattern on one-third of the wall, leaving the other space for spectacular geometric patterns. You may also find mosaic floral style amusing for your study place or office interior.

2. Stone Style – For a colorful Living Room:

When people think about decorating a wall as a striking focal point, nothing can beat the colorful patterns of stone effects in a ceramic tile.

You can also add paintings or mirrors to the wall to blend the stone effect. And adding a sofa or lampshade in front of the wall can be the perfect look for a stylish living room.

3. Geometric With Cartoons – Your kid's Playful Bedroom:

Are you wondering what tiles you should choose for your kid's bedroom? Pick the Geometric patterns with cute cartoon tiles for your newborn's nursery or bedroom. The soothing light color variation will fill your heart with joy.

Moreover, the deep colors can also hurt your kid's eyes. So, the light pink shade and middle décor tiles are the best options for your precious baby.

4. Rustic Diamond Style – For the Minimalists Bedroom:

Now that we have decided on the kids' and living rooms, it's time to choose the tiles for the wall décor of the bedroom.

The rustic diamond effect on a ceramic tile represents that the simple styles often leave a stunning impression.

5. Wooden Effect – Wood texture tiles for wall décor:

Do you want to know what the trendiest tiles for walls are? Undoubtedly, that should be decorative wood tiles for walls.

Regardless of where you are using these tiles, for example, office, restaurants, bed, or living room, these tiles help you add the wow factor to your wall.

Moreover, they are water-resistant, and the rich color helps hide any stains and needs less maintenance. Wooden tiles for the bathroom wall are also available in the market at a fair price.

6. Ornamental Effect – Best Suited for Elegant living/Bedroom Wall:

The designers of DBL ceramics have come up with this unique decorative design on ceramic tile that will steal your heart at the first look. If you are interested in aesthetic-ornamental style, you should check out these amazing traditional floral and sleek designs.

7. Marble Effect for Bathroom/ Kitchen:

While planning for many commercial office places or even some office places, the typical white tiles stay on top of the list. To add luxurious variation to the white tiles, you can pick the marble effects in your bathroom or tiles for kitchen wall design.

Also, check out the HD Digital Printed floral marble tiles for the bathroom.

8. Textile Effects Tiles – Elegant Kitchen Tiles for Wall Art:

The textile effects of the tiles are best for the bathroom and kitchen because they are super moisture resistant, and it takes time to build up dirt. So, you can now dream of a glamorous vanity wall in your bathroom with little to no maintenance.

The long strips with natural color also create a formal look on the corporate office walls.

9. Overall Floral Effect for Bathroom

Well, the demand for overall floral design will never die. So, DBL has also included the floral arrangements that can accentuate any interior décor.

10. Stone effect for Exterior Walls of Your Entryway:

Why leave out the entryway? Keeping in mind the country's weather, you should also install tiles with different structures that look similar to stones. The stone effects tiles design will provide an amazing entry experience for the visitors or guest. 

Who doesn't love the classy, exclusive shine of the tiles, right? 


That's all of about top 10 popular wall tiles design in BD. If you have still confusion, don't worry! We have two amazing tiles display showroom in Dhaka and a lot of tiles dealer point throughout the country. You are always welcome here visit and choose the best wall tiles design for your dream home. Our tiles experts will also guide you in decision making. 

FAQs: [ Wall Tiles ]

How Do You Install Decorative Tiles on Walls?

To install decorative tiles on walls, draw reference lines on the wall you want to cover. Next, you need to spread the tile adhesive with a notched trowel and install the tiles starting from the baseline. Mixing and applying the grout on the tiles should be the last step after letting them dry for 24 to 48 hours.

Which Tiles are best for Walls?

Ceramic tiles are the best for walls because of their durability, design, and texture. Ceramic tiles are also easy to install and are cost-effective. However, you can choose from the vitrified quarry, natural stone, Italian marble, and porcelain.

How to Choose Tiles for Kitchen Wall?

Household style, budget, color blending, stain, maintenance, durability, borders, and decors are the primary factors you need to consider while choosing tiles for kitchen walls.

What to Consider Before Buying Wall Tiles?

It would help if you considered the style you want to go with. After that, the area you want to cover, tile's size, color, budget, and texture should be on the list. Most importantly, it would be best to consider different tiles for the kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

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