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/ 07 June, 2023

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Looking for high-quality kitchen tiles design in Bangladesh? DBL Ceramics is offering you the best-quality kitchen tiles price in Bangladesh you. We have listed first 10 high-quality kitchen tiles among many options for your selection. At the end, you will get all collection of kitchen tiles design for your kitchen wall and floor.

Plus, we have added all the necessary information regarding kitchen tiles. Move forward to avail all that information with proper product descriptions.

Which Types of Tiles are Appropriate for Kitchen Wall

If you are looking for most popular backsplash and wall tiles design for kitchen, ceramic tiles is the best option. Ceramic tiles can be installed in a wide variety of patterns, including Stone, Wood, Matt, and Rustic, among others. They are available in a wide variety of forms, sizes, and colors.It has become one of the most popular options for kitchen backsplashes and walls due to the ease of maintenance of ceramic tiles.

Best Kitchen Wall Tiles Design in Bangladesh at The Best Price

DBL Ceramics offers a wide range of kitchen wall tiles that are perfect for adding style and functionality to your kitchen. Create a functional and stylish ambience by using our durable kitchen wall tiles. They are specifically made for kitchen use, providing a comfortable feeling to your feet and ensuring durability even in high abrasion places. With unique designs and extra layers of protection, our tiles are perfect for busy kitchens and will stay nice and clean for a more extended period. Elevate your kitchen decor with a wide selection of colors and styles to suit your taste.


kitchen wall tiles(DR3050-006 Wall)


kitchen wall tiles in bangladesh (DR3050-018 Wall)


best quality tiles in bangladesh (DR3050-020 Wall)


dbl kitchen tiles (DR2540-042 Wall)


kitchen tiles design (DR3060-023 Wall)


kitchen wall tiles design in bangladesh (DR3060-024K Wall)


kitchen room tiles (RT2540-010K Wall)


kitchen tiles in bangladesh (RT2540-011K Wall)


kitchen tiles price (RT2540-012K Wall)


kitchen tiles design bd (DR3050-032 Wall)


kitchen tiels(ED3060-017K Wall)


marble tiles price in bangladesh (ED3060-018B Wall)


dbl ceramics wall tiles(ED3060-018K Wall)


kichen tiles (MD3060-008 Wall)




Which Types of Tiles Are Appropriate for kitchen Floor

The usage of porcelain tiles or natural stone-made tiles on the kitchen floor is the best. Try to take hard-wearing tiles for your kitchen. Avoid random tiles in your kitchen. However, you can use ceramic tiles in your kitchen as well.

According to our suggestion, porcelain is the best floor tiles for your kitchen in between porcelain and ceramic tiles. But it is up to you which one you finally take.

Best Kitchen Floor Tiles Design in Bangladesh at The Best Price

kitchen tiles (TL4040-010BR Floor)

TL4040-010BR Floor

kitchen tiles design in bangladesh (TL4040-012BR Floor)

TL4040-012BR Floor

kitchen tiles price in bangladesh (TL4040-018BR Floor)

TL4040-018BR Floor

floor tiles price in bangladesh (TL4040-024BL Floor)

TL4040-024BL Floor

tiles price in bd (GL3060-005BK Floor)

GL3060-005BK Floor

dbl tiles price in bangladesh (GL3060-007BL Floor)

GL3060-007BL Floor

tiles design in bangladesh (GL3060-018GR Floor)

GL3060-018GR Floor

kitchen tiles bangladesh (GL3060-019BE Floor)

GL3060-019BE Floor

kitchen tiles design bangladesh (TS4040-006RE Floor)

TS4040-006RE Floor

kitchen tiles bd (TH3030-006GR Floor)

TH3030-006GR Floor

best floor tiles in bangladesh (MP60120-002 Floor)

MP60120-002 Floor



Top 10 DBL Kitchen Tiles Design in Bangladesh

Let's explore top 10 kitchen tiles design for your dream kitchen-

TH3030-006GR Technical Porcelain Kitchen Floor tiles

technical porcelain kitchen tiles bangladesh

Product details:

TH3030-006GR is specially made for kitchen use. Due to the small size, it creates a mini dancing design on the kitchen floor. Moreover, it comes with an effect of cement which provides a very comfortable feeling to your feet. Well, let’s move forward to know its unique features.


Sizes: 30cm x 30cm

Effect: Cement

TH3030-006GR best features

  • Lowest water absorption rate.
  • Resisting heavy traffic and rolling loads.
  • Stain-resistant ability is very high.

GL3060-013GR Glazed Porcelain

glazed porcelain modern kitchen tiles

Product details:

This rare and unconventional tile has a more lovely wooden effect than a cemented one. Therefore, GL3060-013GR is best suited for the kitchen floor due to its superb shape. Moreover, an extra layer keeps the titles intact even in high abrasion places for many years.


Sizes: 30cm x 60cm

Effect: Wood

GL3060-013GR Glazed Porcelain tile features

  • Anti-reflection ability.
  • Long life service with no scratch on the tiles.
  • Higher breaking strength.

GP6060-053P Premium Glazed Porcelain

premium glazed porcelain kitchen floor tiles

Product description:

GP6060-053P floor tiles’ wooden effect makes it feel so natural on the kitchen floor.


Sizes: 60cm x 60cm

Effect: Wood

GP6060-053P Porcelain floor kitchen Tile Features

  • long-lasting ability.
  • Higher abrasion resistance.
  • Easy cleaning process.

GL3060-007BL Glazed Porcelain

Glazed Porcelain: best tiles for kitchen

Product description:

The GL3060-007BL kitchen tile lasts so long for the added extra protection layer. As the kitchen floor is always in contact with dust and water, you need higher moisture-absorbing tiles. This model of glazed porcelain tiles appears with higher absorbing ability.


Size: 30cm x 60cm

Effect: Marble

GL3060-007BL Glazed Tiles Features

  • Higher breaking strength (MOR).
  • Light anti-Reflection.
  • Long-lasting ability.
  • Attractive design and good-looking shape.

GP3060-004GR Glazed Porcelain kitchen Tiles

Glazed Porcelain kitchen Room Tiles

Product description:

GP3060-004GR is slightly muddy shaded floor tiles color look better in the kitchen. Moreover, the unconventional shape and design provide a dynamic look to the kitchen floor. The extra layer protection of this tile remains intact even in high abrasion places for so long.


Sizes: 30cm x 60cm

Effect: Cement

GP3060-004GR Kitchen Tiles Features

  • The unconventional shape makes it more attractive.
  • Proper side straightness and thickness.
  • Longer lifetime.

TL3060-001GR Technical Porcelain Tiles

TL3060-001GR Technical Porcelain Kitchen Tiles Design

Product Description:

The kitchen is a regular dusty and busy place. Therefore, you need to use durable tiles there. DBL Ceramics manufactured TL3060-001GR porcelain tiles are solid and durable. That’s why it is suitable to use in heavy traffic zone.

Moreover, you can use it in industries, offices, dusty areas, etc. Let’s know the unique features of this tile from the below section.


Sizes: 30cm x 60 cm

Effect: Stone

TL3060-001GR technical Porcelain Kitchen Tile Features

  • Lowest water absorption rate.
  • Proper technical design.
  • Preferable for heavy traffic and rolling loads.

TS4040-005BR Technical Porcelain Kitchen Tiles

TS4040-005BR Technical Porcelain Kitchen Tiles

Product description:

This tile can be used in different places, including kitchens, offices, busy spaces, industries, etc. Amazingly, users will get the stone effect out of the TS4040-005BR tile. More unbelievable features are given below.


Sizes: 40cm x 40cm

Effect: Stone

TS4040-005BR technical porcelain kitchen tile best features

  • Lowest water absorption.
  • Preferable for taking extra loads.
  • Very easy to clean.

GP6060-044P Premium Glazed Porcelain

GP6060-044P Premium Glazed Porcelain kitchen tiles bd

Product description:

Generally, GP6060-044P comes with anti-reflect light. But, the special glossy effect brings spot light refection on this tile. Moreover, glazed porcelain tiles have a good abrasion resistance ability. Thereby, it will stay nice and clean for a more extended period.


Sizes: 60cm x 60cm

Effect: Cement

GP6060-044P Porcelain Tiles Features

  • Special glossy digital effect.
  • Simple and nice design.
  • Long-lasting ability.

GP6060-041P Premium Glazed Porcelain Tile

GP6060-041P Premium Glazed Porcelain Tile for Kitchen floor in Bangladesh

Product Description:

If you want a modern tiles design for kitchen in several color combinations, then see this premium one. As GP6060-041P is square, your kitchen will get a nice compact view. Moreover, this tile has quality touch in finishing. As a result, it is preferable for busy places.


Sizes: 60cm x 60cm

Effect: Textile

GP6060-041P Porcelain tile Features

  • Beautiful design.
  • Special glossy digital effect.
  • Proper square shape.



Kitchen floor tiles are quite different than regular tiles. Therefore, choose floor tiles that are specifically made for kitchen use. Random tiles make the kitchen floor incomplete.


See the below answers to clear your confusion about kitchen floor tiles.

Which Tiles Are Best for Kitchen Floor?

Porcelain tiles or natural stone tiles are the best for kitchen space. Choose strong and hard-wearing tiles for your kitchen floor area.

Which Color Tiles are Best for Kitchen Floor?

You can choose any color according to your preference. As the kitchen is a dusty and busy area, go for brown, dark, and navy-blue type colors. These colors have low reflection ability.

Does Ceramic Floor Tile Break Easily?

Usually, ceramic floor tiles are very resistant to any physical damage. However, improper installation or wrong underlayment could result in ceramic tiles cracking.

Which Tile Size is Best for Flooring?

Generally, larger tiles are better for flooring purposes. Therefore, choose tiles between 12 and 18 inches for floor design.

How Do I Choose Kitchen Tiles?

It would be best to consider these below things to choose a better tile for your kitchen. • Easy to clean. • Color combination effect. • Tiles have a long-lasting ability. • The tiles are made with natural stone.

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