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/ 05 January, 2023

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There is something exceptional about having a gorgeous bathroom. Imagine entering a gorgeous bathroom after a long busy day! Isn't it blissful? Indeed. And, the suitable bathroom wall tiles make a bathroom gorgeous.

The eye-catching bathroom wall tiles design can make all the difference to the bathroom look. So, have you decided to renovate your bathroom to give it the "wow factor"? You have taken a good step indeed.

Updating the bathroom can be a fun project. It can really make a massive difference in your day-to-day life. You can create a relaxing and attractive space with the finest and trendy bathroom tiles on the walls.

But, which tiles are the finest? Of course, those are the ones that look gorgeous, durable, and easy to care for. The best tiles for bathroom walls will add charm to your bathroom. In a word, make your "alone time" more pleasurable.

DBL Bathroom Tiles Design in Bangladesh

DBL Ceramics offers the best bathroom tiles price in Bangladesh. Let's explore all the bathroom tiles design available in DBL Tiles Showroom

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Buying Bathroom Tiles at The Best Price in Bangladesh

Finding the finest ones is overwhelming, no doubt. There are so many types of bathroom tiles, different in sizes, and styles to make you confused. In a bathroom project, you'll find plenty of restrictions because bathroom wall tiles have to deal with a lot of water.

Also, there is a need to clean it deeply to get rid of bacteria, germs, and other unpleasant buildups. However, that feeling is indescribable when you end up getting suitable tiles for your bathroom.

Therefore, we are here to make you stress-free about getting the bathroom tiles. We have assembled a complete guide on the tile for bathroom walls. So you can understand which wall tiles for a bathroom you should pick.

This guide will help you understand which tiles look elegant, practical, and durable. Practical bathroom tiles are the ones that can deal with a lot of water and steam. Also, you can easily deep clean them. Here is the list of most attractive bathroom wall tiles design in Bangladesh offered by DBL Ceramics.

Consideration for Buying Bathroom Tiles at The Best Price in Bangladesh

The bathroom tile on walls plays an essential role in the bathroom's interior and look. Certainly, tiles create the desired ambiance in your bathroom. However, selecting the tiles for the bathroom wall is a huge deal.

The number of options is enormous while your knowledge is not. So to make this easier for you, here we assembled a few buying considerations for tiles.

What kind of bathroom renovation are you doing?

It may sound weird to you at first. You may think about what is so specific about a bathroom. A bathroom is only a bathroom to the most. Surprisingly, there are many bathroom types. So which tiles to choose would depend on bathroom types.

Standard Bathrooms

The standard bathroom usually includes a shower or a bath. So it will get a lot of use. Choosing glazed tiles for this bathroom will keep it looking clean and aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking for small bathroom tiles design in bangladesh for your small bathroom, glaze tiles is one of the best option to add a lot of shine. So it'll look larger, which is a plus.

Wet rooms

Wet rooms are more often used by people who live in the house. It gets a lot of use. So, you need to choose some heavy-duty tiles that are easy to clean.

Choose glazed tiles for a wet room because lots of water spread across the bathroom wall and floor. Glaze tiles are used in bathroom easier to clean, while textured tiles will be harder to clean.

Consider Your Bathroom Style

Figuring out the bathroom style and design can be exciting but challenging. However, you need to work on this because, ultimately, that's what decides which tiles you'll need.

Consider the following things;

  • Colors
  • Tiles layout

If your house has a contemporary theme, it is best to use a neutral color for bathroom tiles design. It will help you achieve a modern bathroom effect. If you like white or grey bathrooms, you can add other colors to bring life to the room.

Look around to find if you can add some different colored textured tiles. It will add a beautiful feature to the room. Then, consider the layout of tiles. You can lay some tiles in various configurations, such as metro tiles. It will give the bathroom a different aesthetic.

Which tiles should you choose for bathroom walls?

The best tiles for bathroom walls will depend on the size of your bathroom. Whether it's a wet room or a washroom, the requirements of wall tiles for bathroom are different. Below is a brief suggestion of what type you should choose.

No matter what you choose, always pick high-quality and durable tiles. The cheap bathroom wall tile will cost you more than you save.

  • For family bathrooms, glazed tiles (ceramic tiles) are the best option because they are used the most.
  • For guest bathrooms, matt tiles or textured tiles will be perfect for making a statement wall.
  • Pick large format tiles for ongoing easy care.

Most Attractive Types of Bathroom Wall Tiles

Still wondering which bathroom tiles design to choose? Here are a few types of bathroom wall tiles design in BD.

Ceramic bathroom wall tiles

Ceramic tiles are the most popular tiles when it comes to bathroom walls and DBL ceramic offers the best bathroom tiles price in Bangladesh. These tiles are glazed and polished and are made from less-finely ground porcelain. Hence, they look shiny but ceramic tiles are easy to clean and maintain.

Moreover, ceramic tiles are water-resistant and most durable when appropriately sealed. The best part is you can use ceramic tiles on both bathroom floor and the wall. Above all, it comes in a wide range of styles and color options.

Different types of ceramic tiles for bathroom walls;

Ceramic Wall Tiles



Suggested  for


20cm X 30cm


Standard bathroom and wet room


20cm X 30cm


Standard bathroom


20cm X 30cm


Standard bathroom and wet room


30cm X 50cm


Standard bathroom


30cm X 60cm


Standard bathroom and wet room


30cm X 60cm


Wet room

Marble Effect Tiles

Marble tiles are the ultimate luxury and traditional. They can add an air of sophistication to any bathroom. Basically, marble effect can add texture to the bathroom walls. Marble tiles can be patterned to enhance the appearance.

Below are a few examples of marble tiles.



Suggested for


20cm X 30cm

Standard bathroom and Wet room


20cm X 30cm

Standard bathroom and Wet room


20cm X 30cm

Wet room


30cm X 50cm

Standard bathroom and wet room

Stone Tiles

Stone tiles are made of marble, limestone, granite, and slate. Also, many other textures are available, including aperture, sandblasted, etched, and tumbled. The colors available in stone tiles are reds, blues, and greens.

However, stone tiles require more maintenance and are more expensive. You can consider using stone tiles in the guest bathrooms.

Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are becoming popular these days for bathroom walls in BD. The reason is that vinyl tiles are easier to install and eco-friendly as well. They are less prone to crack and hence last for years. But, they are not as elegant as ceramic tiles.

Wrap Up!

A bathroom design must include the practical and aesthetic impression in equal doses. Having this in mind, you must choose the best bathroom wall tiles.

If you are renovating your bathroom, select the tiles which repel water and are easy to clean. Most of all, it should create a space that reflects your unique style.


1. Which Tiles Are Best for Bathroom Walls?

Ceramic tiles are undoubtedly the best option for bathroom walls. The easy maintenance, durability, and elegance make it an excellent choice for bathroom walls.

2. Is It Better to Tile a Bathroom Wall?

Tiles are everlasting and hence best for bathroom walls. The bathroom wall has to deal with a lot of water. Besides, there is a chance of water buildup and bacteria. So there is no better alternative than tiles on the bathroom walls.

3. Which Color Tiles is Best for Bathroom?

White tiles are undoubtedly the most popular color choice, mainly for small bathrooms. A white tile will make a small bathroom look bigger and brighter. It's a suitable option for the bathroom, with little to no natural light coming.

4. Can You Tile Over Wet Wall?

Yes, you can tile over a wet wall. But, you need to score the surface well and use flexible adhesive and grout.

5. Should You Tile Behind a Toilet?

You need to tile behind a toilet, but it is impossible with the toilet installed. So, the toilet at first and then put on the tiles.

6. How High Should Tile Go Up Bathroom Wall?

Generally, tiles should be between 34" and 54" in a standard bathroom. 36" is the average height of bathroom wall tiles. Shower tiles should go up to 6'2" high to cover the minimum of ¾ of the shower.

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